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Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy birthday, SJ!

There are few things better than celebrating the people you love. Yesterday we got together to wish SJ a happy birthday.

But before the big night, we had some preparations to do. I helped the kids make a card for their aunt featuring an airplane to go with the money we gave her to put towards a plane ticket to see her man. I put together a salad and Little J and I made a cake which turned out looking like a giant donut and tasted chocolately and gooey. The last thing was to pack up the car and give Little J and Baby K each a balloon.

I had completely forgotten that SJ doesn't like balloons. She especially hated when the balloons popped. Oops. Hopefully the cake made up for it. And the help opening presents.

IMG_5354 (Medium)

Happy birthday, SJ!

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