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Monday, July 30, 2012


Okay, I'm ready to get off my butt and post again. I have to admit that things really turned around after my last post. I don't know if it was my mindset or if it was just the timing. Either way, I'm grateful.

I'm extra grateful that both kids slept through last night. That hasn't happened much since Baby K was born and I still woke up for a bit but overall sleep lately has been pretty damn good. Now I just jinxed us....

Here's my currently post.

Loving: I'm loving the language explosion from Baby K lately. Every day she comes out with more new words and is so excited when she says them and we react excitedly. She's so much fun these day. Like today, she loved wearing a pig mask that came in Miss JH's loot bag and walked around with a huge smile on her face. What a character!

Reading: I finished Run Like a Mother and I'm now reading a new book called The Lost City of Z. It's interesting so far. Later this week I'm going to the library to pick up Beyond the Sling and I'm looking forward to reading it. Anyone read it?

Watching: We've been able to get the Olympics coverage using our antenna so we've been watching that, but I've also started a show called New Girl. It's awkward but I'm starting to like it. It's a nice break from Gossip Girl.

Thinking about: Putting on my new running shoes and going for my first run in a while. Tomorrow. That's the plan.

Anticipating: I'm anticipating my whole family being healthy again. Being sick was really hard this time but I feel almost back to normal and healthy enough to start tackling cleaning again. It's amazing how quickly the house gets dirty. And then I'm anticipating our next cottage trip. The kids are really looking forward to it and I'm getting excited right alongside them.

Working on: I'm working on not yelling. It's been a few days now and I feel better about my parenting because of it.

Wishing: Wishing that I'll always remember the good moments. Like today, the kids were so excited when they saw their new backpacks. They put them on and ran around giggling. They took them off to eat but insisted on having them on again as soon as we were done. Little J was going on and on about going to school and Baby K was happily bumbling along beside him. They get so excited and are so cute about things like this. I want to remember their excitement and happiness.

Let me know if you get inspired to do a currently post too. I love reading them!

{Sometimes Sweet gave me the inspiration for this post.}


  1. I love New Girl! I can't wait for season 2 in September. I loved your post. I did a "Currently" one too if you want to read it :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  2. Yay for this post! How far along are you in Gossip Girl? I seriously LOVE that show.