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Monday, July 2, 2012

Cottage weekend

There's so much that went right this weekend. Our first cottage weekend of the year and the first one with two toddlers. Who were sharing a room. I was worried. But it went well. The kids were so good and we enjoyed ourselves.

_MG_8325 (Medium)
Little J on the dock

We were on the beach playing in the sand, in and out of the water, on the dock, on the boat, in the grass, in the cottage... it was exhausting. The thing I learned: wearing sandals only slows you down. I didn't put mine on all weekend and it was great.

_MG_8331 (Medium)
J and Little J in the kayak

J took Little J out in the kayak looking for turtles.. they saw one and Little J was hooked! They went out twice and SJ took him out once. He came back with lily pads and a flower.

_MG_8370 (Medium)
SJ with Little J

Baby K got in the kayak too. J took her all the way across the lake.

_MG_8396 (Medium)
J and Baby K in the kayak

Little J loved the boat and was allowed to drive it a couple times. He got really good at turning the wheel left and right but still got distracted and would leave his post. Good thing we had an actual navy guy to take over.

_MG_8403 (Medium)
Little J driving the boat

J was totally in his element. He grew up going to the cottage and has fond memories and now he gets to share it with his kids. It makes me happy.

_MG_8406 (Medium)
J on the boat

Both kids were really good about wearing their life jackets on the boat. Baby K would insist you wear yours too, while Little J would insist you jumped in the lake. They are very demanding.

_MG_8412 (Medium)
SJ with Baby K

Both kids eventually worked up the courage to get in the water with their dad. Little J was a trooper, but Baby K didn't last long.

_MG_8429 (Medium)
J swimming with Little J

_MG_8423 (Medium)
J swimming with Baby K

We were so busy during the day that the kids were completely exhausted at night. That didn't stop them from staying up late Friday night, but Saturday night was better. Little J was demanding here too and made Mimi read to him and put him to bed.

_MG_8446 (Medium)
Mimi reading to Little J and Baby K

We spent so much time outside and saw so many things: birds, turtles, fish, wasps, ducks and lots and lots of bugs. The highlight for me was spotting a turtle and then J was able to catch it. He held it by the shell while it hissed at him. He showed the kids and put it back in the lake.

_MG_8455 (Medium)
J proudly shows off the turtle he caught

Being at the cottage gives us a chance to slow down and having family there with us gives J and I a bit of a break from parenting. And that little break makes spending time with the kids so much sweeter. J gets to share with them something he loves and I get to see how excited they get and how happy they are.

_MG_8472 (Medium)
J shows a baby catfish to Little J and Baby K

Since Sunday was Canada Day, after everyone was in bed, J and I stayed up to watch the fireworks put on by the people at the cottage next door and spotted some across the lake as well. It wasn't the party of past Canada Days but it was nice.

_MG_8479 (Medium)
K with Little J and Baby K

I can't wait until our next cottage weekend.

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