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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Choosing a better day

Yesterday sucked.

Little J got sick Friday. It's no fun having a sick kid to deal with.

Baby K started up Saturday. It's hard to handle two sick kids.

I came down with it Sunday. Thankfully it's the weekend because parenting two sick kids while sick is unbelievably horrible.

It was so bad that J stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday. No one was sleeping well, everyone but J was feeling pretty miserable. It just wasn't fun.

And then Wednesday happened. Little J is on the mend and Baby K is still pretty sad and clingy and I'm feeling like crap and J went to work. I tried to parent from the couch. The kids got restless. I tried to parent from a lawn chair so they could get some fresh air. The kids got ridiculous.

I don't even remember what set it off, but Baby K was throwing a fit in the backyard and when I ran inside to get something she followed and continued her fit on the deck where she managed to get a ton of splinters on her hand and wrist. It looked like she had stubble it was so bad. So she's sad and clingy and tired and in pain and sick and wants her mom. And I'm hot and sick and tired and have a clingy baby on me.

Meanwhile Little J is being a toddler who has been cooped up inside too long and is hitting and pushing and I'm yelling and time-outing and it's ugly.

Finally J got home from work and the day got a bit better. Overall it sucked though.

This morning I woke up and decided it was going to be a good day. I decided I wasn't going to yell. I decided I was going to give my kids time-ins and we were going to have fun. It helped that we all slept better last night and we're all a little less sick today.

We got out of the house, we had fun playing, we ate well, we had a nice dinner with friends, and now the kids are in bed. It was a good day. Good thing too because if every day was like yesterday I'd be going back to work.

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  1. I've been having trying days lately. I need to be positive and have a good day. Good days are better!