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Saturday, July 14, 2012


J and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary earlier this week. I went and looked back at the pictures we have from our wedding... not the actual photographer photos because those were on film and are in an album somewhere, but the ones that people sent us. Eight years ago no one had a camera on their phone and not many people I knew even had a digital camera so we don't have many. I can only imagine the number of pictures people take and are sent and get posted of weddings these days. Almost makes me wish we got married a few years later. Almost.


Our wedding was nice, traditional in a lot of ways, but just ours in a lot of ways too. It was a short ceremony that I hardly remember actually, a break for pictures and lunch, and then the reception. The night flew by in a blur but I clearly remember stopping at a Tim Horton's on the way to the hotel and getting asked by a group of kids if we just had our prom. Not sure if that speaks to their age or to ours.

In past years, we've celebrated our anniversary by having a party and by getting something for ourselves. Well, not the past few years actually. The last anniversary party we had was actually the day my first maternity leave started 3 years ago.

The tradition of getting something for ourselves for our anniversary fell by the wayside too, but this year I wanted to bring it back. I thought a framed family picture for the front hall would be a nice present for us. I picked the picture and had it printed and dragged the kids to Michael's to find a frame. They were rockstars in the store, with the promise of a visit to Chapters to play with the trains and some sparkly pinwheels as a distraction. I found a frame and got the picture (a day late) and now they're sitting in the living room while I figure out what to do about a frame that is for a picture that is 13 by 19 inches and a picture that is 12 by 18 inches. Details.

We did get out of the house for dinner and a movie, at least that was the plan. J's sister SJ came over and had dinner with the kids while we went and had a nice dinner at Milestone's. We went to the theater, forgetting it was cheap night, to a sold out show so we came home and watched a movie here instead. It was a nice little date night that we were long overdue for.

Maybe next year I'll pull out our wedding album and we'll get out for dinner and the movie. And maybe we'll throw a big party for our tenth.

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