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Thursday, July 5, 2012

16 months

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We flipped Baby K's carseat from rear facing to forward facing. She had puked a few times in the car, and that's a few times too many. We flipped her hoping it was just that she was getting sick from riding around facing the back. So far so good.

Baby K had 3 teeth come through this month: the next two top teeth and the next bottom tooth. She now has all 8 front teeth, but they aren't all all the way out.

Baby K has really started showing her personality and her attitude. She gets frustrated and angry, with her brother especially, and hits and bites. She sticks out her tongue when she's concentrating. She loves water and will drag a chair from the dining room to the kitchen to play in the sink. She loves to drink water out of a cup but always gets soaked in the process.

Baby K now does stairs like a pro. She still likes to hold your hand but can do them all by herself. She enjoys walking backwards and loves the plasma car outside. She is trying so hard to jump but hasn't been able to get her feet off the ground yet.

Not much to report on Baby K's eating. She eats and she drinks water and homo milk. She still nurses.

Baby K talks all the time now. She knows a lot of words and signs though she's started saying things instead of signing them. Interesting. She sings songs (obviously not with clear words but she gets the tune and mumbles sounds while dancing) and reads books to herself. She is able to communicate quite clearly.

Baby K has made some progress in falling asleep on her own. I cannot wait until she can be put down and fall asleep on her own and sleep through until morning.

I weighed her on our scale at home with me. She was 22 pounds. She is growing out of her 12-18 month clothing and possibly her size 5 sandals.

I'm finding it a little difficult during the day, especially Mondays, when the kids are constantly going between playing nicely and hitting and biting. Thankfully getting outside is easier in the warm months and that is normally distraction enough.

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