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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Super Great Weekend

We had an absolute blast this weekend. It was hot!hot!hot! and we had things to do. We managed to get it all done and squeeze in some lazy time in the backyard. It was perfect.

Friday night we had SJ over for dinner because J was off racing the car and wrangling both kids by myself wasn't appealing. She came and saved the day - Baby K hadn't napped so we went for a walk and she fell asleep in the stroller. We had to run home to meet the pizza man, who couldn't accept credit card because the coverage in our area is so spotty so SJ paid the man.

I invite her for dinner and make her pay! Such a great sister-in-law. Plus she helped with dinner and with clean up and with bath time which is definitely not my favourite part of parenting. She's a rockstar.

Then Saturday morning we went to the anniversary party of the neighbourhood yoga place. They had a little bounce house set up. Little J had seen one last year on Canada Day but wouldn't go in. I swear this kid is crazy and fun and outgoing... until he's around new people in a new situation then he's the shyest thing. But we got him in there and him and Baby K had a great time bouncing around.

IMG_5196 (Medium)

We also waited for a class to be done so the kids could see where mom does yoga. They busted out some moves of their own. Seeing my babies doing downward dog and their version of warrior makes me smile so big.

IMG_5199 (Medium)

Because Baby K's naps lately have been spotty, we decided to chance it and packed everyone in the car and headed out after lunch to a local mall to see Thomas. You know, the big blue train. Well Baby K conked out so her and I spent some quality time in the parking lot while J took Little J in to see his hero. I'm smiling just thinking about it. J told me that Little J was just so excited to see Thomas. He kept looking up at J with the biggest grin on his face and talked about Thomas for the rest of the day and still mentions it now. Totally worth the drive and the aggravating parking lot and the car nap-that-wasn't-really-a-nap for Baby K.

IMG_5202 (Medium)

That night we found ourselves home just the four of us. We had a pretty regular night - dinner, bedtime for the kids, tv and internetting for us. Sunday morning, J took the kids to Costco so I could get some house-y stuff done and then we enjoyed the hot weather by playing outside: kiddie pool, umbrella, slip-and-slide, reading a book in a bikini. It was perfect.

IMG_5205 (Medium)

IMG_5237 (Medium)

IMG_5256 (Medium)

After Baby K's nap, because she finally decided sleeping wasn't for chumps, we headed over to our friends' house for at-home ribfest. It was nice to hang out and see the boys play together and eat so many ribs. Baby K had her first make out session with the little baby who was there. Baby N gives slobbery open mouth kisses and makes the cutest clicking noises when he's happy or upset. We couldn't stop smiling.

It was a miracle both kids stayed awake on the drive home which made bed time pretty easy. But Monday morning and, well, all of Monday was pretty horrible. Mondays are hard and Mondays-after-super-great-weekends are really hard and Mondays-after-super-great-weekends-when-the-kids-are-crankypants-all-day are exhausting. AND hard Mondays when J leaves me alone for the kids bedtime are horrible. At least he was here tonight and is here most nights.

And at least we had a super great weekend. That we did.

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  1. Wow, sounds like you were busy! I hope the rest of the week is easier than Monday.