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Thursday, June 14, 2012

One of those days

Today just had so many good parts. It was refreshing and I'm thankful for a ray of sunshine in this long week.

The kids, they're just both so strong willed and opinionated, and are constantly butting heads. They fight over toys and books and me and it gets old. But today. Today! Today was different.

Baby K has been sleeping late but today was up at the same time as Little J. We started our day together, me feeding Baby K and Little J feeding his bear. Little J reassured his sister that even though dad was at work, mom was here. He kept asking her if she was okay and she'd answer with her cute YEAH.

We had good hangouts and a good breakfast and got out the door. We went to playgroup first. It was the last one before they move outdoors for the summer. Little J had a good time with the playdough and the slide and the kitchen. Baby K had a good time going around hugging and kissing babies (seriously, she LOVES babies) and bumbling around.

We went to the library next. The kids love the library. We give back our books first and then they run to the kid's area. By the time I got back there, Baby K was up on a couch perched precariously peeking into a stroller trying to touch a baby. Thankfully I'd seen the mom a few times before and she didn't freak out. A while later Baby K face planted onto the side of the couch and cut her lip. Those kind of screams in a library.. wow. She's fine and ended up napping in the car giving me and Little J some time to play outside before lunch. I made him an elaborate chalk racetrack on the driveway.

We had a good lunch and good hangouts before heading back outside until J got home. He was able to get Baby K to nap so Little J and I could head to the park. We had such a good time together just the two of us. I walked while he biked. He chatted the entire time and was super sweet. We went to the pond near the park to look for ducks. He was happy to see the dogs on the way, and the ducks and the mountain (just little hills on the path) and the forest (some bigger trees along the path). We made it to the park eventually but only stayed a few minutes. Back home for dinner and books and bed.

There were so many little moments today that made me happy. It's always nice being out with the kids while they're happy, seeing them interact lovingly, and spending one on one time with Little J. Baby K's language is exploding as is her attitude, but you can't help laugh when she frantically signs MORE after you tickle her or the fact that she'll answer YEAH I DO when you ask her a question. My little firecracker.

Cheers to good days and being one day closer to the weekend!

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