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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great great weekend

We had quite the weekend last weekend. It was summery and full of family and friends. It was just what I needed to get out of my weekend funk - the feeling that I wasn't using my weekends the way I should.

Friday when J got home from work, we packed the kids in the car and went to check out his parents' new place. It's a beautiful big house and it was so nice to see the obvious joy coming from J's dad as he showed us around. The big, bare basement was a hit with the kids and plans for ride on cars are in the works.

We left in time to get back to our neighbourhood for dinner out. We don't often take the kids out because it's just so much easier to feed them at home. They can be as loud and as messy as they'd like in our dining room, but screaming and throwing food in restaurants is not cool. But they were good and we all ate well and not having to clean up was nice. I loved the look on the waitress's face when I caught her peeking at Baby K who was scooping ketchup by the handful into her mouth. My baby girl loves her some ketchup!

After the kids were in bed I went out for a run and J and I watched some of the last episodes of House. Saturday we had old friends C and S over to meet their 6-month-old Baby M. Baby M so happy and chubby. Baby K just loved him and we loved seeing our friends happy.

_MG_7421.CR2 (Medium)

We had a few hours of downtime before more friends came over - S&L and Little R and A&S and their Little J. We had dinner the 10 of us where each kid took their turn throwing a fit. It's so nice though seeing these 4 play together and chatting with our dear friends.

_MG_7423.CR2 (Medium)

Sunday was a race day for J (he's doing autocross with the Mazda) so I was on my own with the kids. It's was a pretty typical day for us except it was pretty rainy out so we stayed in. By the time J was home and his parents and sister were here, the kids were dying to get outside. SJ and I took them for a walk around the block in the rain. About halfway, they discovered the puddles and we were all drenched by the time we got home.

_MG_7428.CR2 (Medium)

Dinner with J's family and another run for me made up Sunday night, topped off with more tv for me and J. We giggled about Little J's shenanigans and Baby K's attitude and went in and peeked in our sleeping babies, both with bums in the air.

Monday was J's day off so our weekend was extended. He was awesome and let me sleep in and then took the kids to Costco so I could do some laundry and vacuuming so I wouldn't feel behind.. it's so true, with all the stuff over the weekend, the house definitely needed some attention. We had to run our dishwasher 5 times to give you an idea. Just imagine the piles of laundry and grossness of not doing chores for 3 days.

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I took full advantage of J being home and headed to the mall Monday afternoon while Baby K napped. I managed to get some good deals on clothes for myself and driving fast with the windows down and the music blaring is always good for the soul.

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Now it's Thursday and other than thinking it was Thursday half the day yesterday, this week hasn't been so bad. I still find myself looking forward to the weekend even though J is in Montreal both Saturday and Sunday for the Grand Prix. He'll be home at night though and has Monday off. Hopefully we'll find fun stuff to do so it still feels like a weekend.

Here's to more lovely weekends this summer!

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