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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting old

We're getting old and I'll tell you why. Two reasons. A birthday party and a vegetable.

This past weekend was neighbour A's third birthday party. So Saturday morning we took the kids next door and did birthday things - the kids played together, we chatted with our neighbours and their friends, we had cake. The problem here is that A is only a few months older than Little J. That means soon enough we're going to be celebrating his third birthday.

Me a mama for three years. I can hardly believe it.

Though, if you know me and know how much I hated vegetables growing up (I'll give you a hint: I REALLY did), you'll hardly be able to believe that I not only bought asparagus, I prepared it and ate it too. Maybe it sounds childish, but to me the idea of asparagus is very mature, very adult, and I still feel strange about the entire thing.

Now I need to go and do something that makes me feel really young. Skydiving? Another tattoo? I need to think about this.

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