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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I don't want to be dramatic because I know a lot of people have it a lot worse than I did, but this past weekend I just felt like I was drowning. I was doing what I could to get by while J was out of town.

The weekend before was so great and kept me energized for a lot of the week, but by Friday I was ready for a weekend. J was gone both Saturday and Sunday for the Montreal Grand Prix. He's been watching all the races and was so excited to go and I'm glad he was able to, but it made for long days. Him and his friend C came home Saturday night so that was a lot of driving for them, though I'm guessing it was spirited driving after watching cars racing around. It was nice to have J home at night but man those days were long.

We had a pretty weekday-like day Saturday, but we spent a little longer reading books, a little longer at the park, a little longer at lunch.. basically everything was a little more relaxed. That's not to say it was an easy day, just that I didn't stick to the timing I normally have during the week.

I was quite happy when J's sister SJ showed up before dinner and then when J got home. We had dinner together and packed up the kids and headed for J's parent's housewarming party. We drank and ate cake and stayed out later than ever with the kids. It was nice.

Sunday morning we were headed to SJ's to pick her up so we could go to Touch a Truck, a local fair thing where all sorts of vehicles are together so kids can climb in and honk the horns. It was a comedy or errors, or just a nasty gross-fest. Baby K puked right outside SJ's building. Of course it was a million degrees and I didn't have a change of clothes for her, but we stripped her down, got her cleaned up, cleaned up the car and went to the store to buy more clothes.

I was driving with thee windows down because of the smell, SJ was texting our friends that we were supposed to meet. Meanwhile Little J was getting more and more anxious for the trucks. turns out the place was packed and I wasn't sure if Baby K was sick so I didn't think waiting in line in the heat was a good idea. We headed back home. We basically spent two hours in the car driving around. And when we were almost home, Baby K fell asleep.

J's parents and sister came over to hang out and have dinner. They basically swooped in, armed with ciders and food, and played with the kids, made dinner and cleaned my kitchen.

Eventually J got home. He had yesterday off so we both had a day of recovery - less driving and excitement for him, a sleep in and less parenting for me. I'm not sure where I'd be right now without that extra weekend day. I still feel behind on things, but at least it's a short week and another 3 day weekend coming up. Looking on the bright side.

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