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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Another Currently post before I write out what we did on our incredibly full weekend. Check out Danielle's currently post over at Sometimes Sweet.

Reading: I'm reading a book I was given and it isn't my typical read.. it's more a romance novel than anything. I hope to have it finished before we head to the library Thursday because I just got notice that Bloom is ready for pickup. If you don't know, Bloom is blogger Kelle Hampton's book. She writes Enjoying the Small Things, a blog that is full of sweet writing and beautiful pictures.

Watching: J and I are catching up on House. The season finale, and the last episode ever, is on deck tonight after the kids go to bed.

Anticipating: The pizza I'm going to eat for dinner. Can you tell I'm hungry?

Laughing about: Little J woke up this morning yelling that he "hearded a motorcycle! I hearded a motorcycle!" And last night J and I went in to his room and found him sleeping with his bum in the air. We went in to Baby K's room and she too was sleeping with her bum in the air. So cute.

Listening to: Right now, someone mowing their lawn and the traffic going by on the street behind out house. Everyone coming home from work.

Eating: I decided that we're going to eat more veggies so I bought cauliflower and broccoli and last night and the night before roasted them up. Other than the gross smell in the house, it's a good way to eat both vegetables.

Working on: Other than eating more veggies, I'm working on getting more active. I've been so good about getting out to run and I hope to keep it up, increase the distance slowly and get back my endurance. The mind game is to be okay with slow progress as long as there's progress.

Wishing: That every weekend was as awesome as last weekend. Seriously, it was so good.

You can check out my other currently posts, but then they aren't current anymore, are they?

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