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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caffeine update

It's been just about two months since I had my last Pepsi. I haven't had any pop in that time. And just one cup of tea.

The first few days were bad, the first few weeks were a bit better and now I find I hardly miss it. It's taken cutting it out completely to really see how much I was just drinking it out of habit. If I really needed the caffeine, I'd be falling asleep every single afternoon and that's not happening.

My habits included putting Baby K down for her nap after lunch and grabbing a pop on my way back down to the basement where Little J and I spend his "quiet time" these days. That first week I was craving it badly and falling asleep on the couch without the infusion of caffeine and sugar. After about a week, I was more energized but still missing it.

I also had to disassociate having a pop with having certain foods, like McDonalds or pizza or chips. McDonalds was the hardest, but now I know to get juice with my meal or milk to bring home for J.

Speaking of juice, I've started drinking more of it and I think it's helping me not get too bored of water. I love water. I drink lots of it and carry my bottle with me everywhere I go, but sometimes I just want something else.

So my life hasn't changed dramatically. I still drink boatloads of water, I still drink orange juice with breakfast, but now I drink it with lunch and dinner too. And sometimes I need a quick nap in the afternoon. I think that's better than drinking all those empty calories. Too bad it hasn't made a dent in the extra weight I'm carrying around. That would have been a nice side effect.


  1. Re: Getting bored of water ...

    Might I recommend: David's Tea. They have so many wonderful herbal concoctions that make GREAT iced tea in the summer.
    Also, lemon in water is pretty common ... but have you tried frozen raspberries? or (and this one pleasantly surprised me) cucumber?!?
    Just some thoughts :)

    1. True, I could spice up my water. Even having it cold is nice.. normally it just sits in my bottle so it's room temperature. Thanks T!