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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The weekends and free time

We've been so busy lately. We've been spending so much time outside and when we're inside we're either eating or sleeping. We've been slacking on inside house things like laundry and groceries and cleaning. And blogging.

We've been gardening with our little helpers:

_MG_7351.CR2 (Medium)

One weekend we built the garden (J is a genius and took my idea and made it happen), then we put the dirt in and now there are little plants growing away. I love that we have a happy little garden.

We've been going for family bike rides:

_MG_7358.CR2 (Medium)

For Mother's Day, J got us bikes and baby bike seats. We toss the kids in their seats and go. It's really nice. When the kids get excited when we go down hills or go fast, they excitedly pat our backs. When Baby K gets wind in her face she flaps her hands. We're such a little family. It makes me happy but makes me feel old. I love that we can get out together and I get some exercise too.

We've been splashing around in the pool and enjoying the summer weather:

_MG_7362.CR2 (Medium)

It's been so hot and sticky. On weekends when J is home we set up the kiddie pool and spend time in the backyard. The water out of the hose is a bit chilly for me but Little J and Baby K don't seem to mind.

Life. It's happening.

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