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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trains and toddlers and sharing

I am very proud of my little boy and I need to share. You see those two little trains in the middle of all the other ones?  We were outside yesterday and Little J was holding tight to those trains. Let's just say that sharing is not his forte.

His neighbour friend, Little A, was getting upset because she wanted a train.  I told her to go check out Baby K's pink ride on car because Little J had stashed the other trains in it.  She went over and happily pulled out the trains and soon her and some other neighbourhood kids were gathered around playing.  Little J didn't know - he was off riding his bike.

When he noticed I heard him start to protest and I can imagine that he was pretty upset seeing all these kids playing with his toys, but he stopped himself and went over and sat down with them.

It was an incredible bit of sharing on his part, something that does not come easily to my little man, and I'm very proud.  The boy sure does love his trains.

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