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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Another Currently post. Thanks to Sometimes Sweet for the inspiration. Do check out her blog for stories about her life with her little man Henry. Here is what I'm currently doing.

Reading: Since my lovely little girl puked on the book I was reading, I just started a new one. It isn't my normal read and I'm not all that into it yet. I'm reading another doula book. I read during breakfast and lunch because the kids are generally entertained. Little J spotted a picture in the book of a midwife listening to the baby's heart rate on the pregnant mom's belly and had me explain it to him a million times. I told him that the heart beat sounded like buh-boom, buh-boom, which made them both giggle.

Watching: Season 2 of Gossip Girl. Loving it. Someone please start watching this so we can talk about it!

Thinking about: How sweet J is. Not only did he build the garden box in the backyard, he got me a bike and bike seat for Mother's Day. He put the seat together and tested it out with Little J. Aren't they cute?

Anticipating: Home grown veggies and family bike rides this summer!

Listening to: Quiet house sounds. Soon I'll be joining my sleeping family. At least until someone wakes up crying.

Eating: We were lucky to be invited to dinner next door tonight. It's always nice to extend Little J's playtime with his neighbour friend A and to get in some adult conversation with our friends.

Working on: Nothing really. Is it okay that I'm just not really doing anything these days?

Wishing: For a nice week before the long weekend.

Tell me what you're up to these days.

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