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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend weekend

We had NO plans this weekend. Do you know how good that feels? But also how silly. It's our chance to get out and do things as a family, to see our friends, to get things done.

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Staying in and getting out: The weekend started off right with J's sister SJ coming over for dinner while I went to a hot yoga class with my friend SB. SB and I sweated our butts off. It's an intense class and I often need to take a break and I was happy to look over and see SB doing the same. It's Sunday afternoon and I'm still sore.

Doing things as a family: We've started buying more of our groceries at Costco. We throw the kids in the cart and race around grabbing this and that. It's been working out really well and we're saving money. Yesterday morning we actually took a peek at the tvs while we were there. We're going to replace our 27" tv in the basement with a bigger flatscreen. I have visions of the kids pulling the tv over on themselves. That won't happen if it's attached to the wall.

Getting stuff done: I was able to get out this morning to a consignment sale and got some clothes for the kids for cheap and while I was out I grabbed pho by myself. I came home feeling renewed and content and ready to get stuff done while J and Little J are out swimming and my little girl is sleeping.

That's what happens on a weekend without plans. Perfection.

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