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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring cleaning

Man, I feel like this snow is giving me a second chance at the spring cleaning that has been eluding me. I've been itching to get things clean around here.

The problem? My kids. They take up so much of my time and there's only so much I can get done when I'm home with them. And did I mention that Little J doesn't nap? I have literally no alone time during the day, and the odd time he falls asleep (only ever in the car) the last thing I want to be doing is scrubbing something.

I think I've figured it out though. Like so many things, this isn't all or nothing. It's okay if I get a window cleaned here and a sink scrubbed there. It doesn't all have to get done in one day. What a relief.

I'll keep plugging away at it and eventually everything will have been cleaned. I doubt the house will ever sparkle, but if it did, you wouldn't know that two little kids live here, making messes while they play all day long. And what could be better than that?


  1. Feeling the spring cleaning itch too, and sympathising with the lack of naps. My story: I just cleaned the windows last week... as in, it took all week, with the little girl in tow for most. One (or half of a) window at a time.

    Mom wasn't keen when she found us climbing the ladder together to get on the garage roof for the bathroom window!

    Gone are the days where I used to think "hmm, no time to finish it all, better wait". It never happens that way.

  2. Good call. It would be a shame to clean away all signs of your energetic family. I've been unhappy in my personality free home.

    Alan: come to my house. I will provide the counter weight. He's about 14kg.