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Monday, April 23, 2012


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Oh man, Easter was a while ago and we didn't get any great pictures but I wanted to post anyway. Gotta remind myself of the cute.

This was Little J's 3rd Easter and Baby K's 2nd, but the first one where we did an egg hunt for them. The Easter bunny was too busy on the Sunday so the hunt was Monday. Little J was all over it, running around everywhere exclaiming over and over "Ooh! I found a egg!" It took Baby K a little bit but she got into it too.

Little J liked the hunt so much that he demanded we hide the eggs for him again and again for days. He brought them everywhere for a few days and eventually we switched out the foil-wrapped chocolate eggs for some plastic ones.

I'm determined to keep Easter low key for our kids. It really seems like it's turning into 2nd Christmas for so many and that's not what I want at all. I don't know if it was growing up without much money and rarely getting even chocolate for Easter (often we hunted for nickles that we had to put back in the change jar) or just my anti-consumerism way, but they won't be getting anything other than an egg hunt from us.

Just like Christmas, Easter is about family and this year was no different. We saw my family Friday night for dinner. My brother and his girlfriend were in town with their sparkly new car and we had a great time with them, not only Friday night, but again Saturday afternoon. I'm so glad when we get to see them because Skype is great but just not the same.

We saw J's family for dinner as well. Here the kids were spoiled. The books and stuffed bunnies are already quite loved. We rounded out the festivities with time with friends. I love long weekends.

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