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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Time change

Before falling asleep last night, I set my clock an hour later. To save daylight.. or maybe we're done saving daylight. Either way, we're "springing ahead" and that means we lose an hour.

Does it strike anyone else as strange that time is so arbitrary that with a quick push of a button it's an hour later?

I grew up playing competitive sports and I remember always having practice the morning after the time change and everyone being confused as to when practice started. Was it 8 or the new 8? There would always be a few kids early or late, depending on whether it was this time change or the "fall back" one.

It was nice this morning to not have plans, to be able to let it be whatever time it wanted to be. We woke up to the sound of Little J's door opening. We looked at each other and smiled. Our messy headed boy made his way to our room, hands full with his bear and blankets and a sippy cup. He climbed up and settled between us, happy to watch an episode of Care Bears while we woke up.

In a few years we might be the ones dragging our kids to sports practices early in the morning, but for now I'm content with my slow-paced weekend mornings. Even if they involve the Care Bears.

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