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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taking Advantage

J has every second Monday off work. It's sad really, but we rarely take advantage of these long weekends. But this past weekend I feel like we finally did, well kinda.

It was a nice 4-day weekend for us. Saturday and Sunday were pretty typical and I used my time to catch up after what felt like a really long week. Monday we decided to take the kids swimming. We took Little J a few times when he was little and Baby K had never been. Turns out it was really really great.

We chose a pool with a decent kids area - a small pool and a wading section that you walk into and only gets about a foot deep. Baby K charged right in while Little J took his time getting in the water. We played around with some water toys and splashed, we watched bigger kids jumping into the pool and finally got both kids in life jackets and got them floating on their back and fronts and kicking. Little J even jumped in a few times.

Neither of them wanted to leave and I'm looking forward to the next time we can take them. Unfortunately it isn't an activity I can do by myself with both of them, but we'll try and get out on the days J is home.

Today we tried to go to the Canadian Museum of Nature but it was so busy (it's March Break and after a relatively non-busy pool experience we thought it would be fine at the museum... apparently not) so instead we went to an indoor play place that recently opened.

Monkey Around was a lot of fun. Little J headed straight for the big climbing structure and had fun running around, climbing and sliding down. Baby K isn't quite big enough or good enough at climbing (and not falling) to go into the structure by herself but she enjoyed the little kids area and the arcade type games.

At one point, we lost sight of Little J in the structure so J took Baby K and I went to find our son. The structure is huge so I was walking along, looking up through the mesh walls, scanning constantly. Suddenly I see him, not in the structure, but climbing up the bouncy castle wall thingy, being helped by a little girl. I ran around it to see him flying down the slide with a huge smile on his face.

Little J didn't want to leave and I can't blame him, it was an amazing place for him. We'll be back though. Again, it isn't somewhere I can go with the two kids by myself but it's close to home and pretty cheap and I'm sure Little J's friends would love it too.

J is back to work tomorrow but at least it's a short week. And I'm sure the stickers and puzzles I picked up this weekend will provide some entertainment for my busy toddlers, at least until we can get back in the pool or to the play place. Hope you all had a great weekend too.

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