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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Swirling Thoughts

My mind is full of lots of different things and it's making me a little crazy. I live my little life day in and day out doing the same things. I get lost in the routine, the mundane, the eat-rinse-play repeat until J gets home. I get caught up in getting my kids to sleep and making sure they're happy and putting in another load of laundry, but that isn't everything I am. Not even close.

Now that my baby girl is a year old I really have no excuse for being so neglectful of myself and my interests. Thankfully, with J's help, I've been able to start doing things for myself again - I've been to yoga, we went snowboarding, I have time to read again, and I'm thinking about my future.

I'm currently on leave from my job, a five year unpaid leave. It's a great opportunity and I'm very grateful my employer offers it. I never imagined I'd want to be home with my kids but I do and so I am. The time that I'm not working (at a 9-5 job I mean... I do consider being home with my kids my job, but it does allow certain freedoms that a 9-5 job does not) is also a great time for me to explore my options.

I've known for a long time that I would love a job where I can help people. And I finally figured out what I want to do: I want to be a doula. I've been reading about doulas (aka birth companions) and certification and researching training courses and readings lists. I'm excited and I'm glad to be putting this out there, making it a little more real.

Being a doula, at least from what I can tell (from reading about it and talking to the few doulas I know) isn't lucrative, it probably won't ever be comparable to my full time job, but it's something that I'm positive I will love. It will be very fulfilling, I will be helping people, hopefully empowering women and sharing my conviction that women were made to have babies.

I truly can't wait and have already started gathering books, getting details on the course offered this summer, and generally bursting with excitement. I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up.


  1. When you first told me this I became both excited for you and incredibly jealous of you (you know what you want to be when you grow up!). It's so inspiring to see people - especially ones you know personally - making changes that will improve their overall happines. So proud of you for putting this 'out there'! :)

  2. This is the freaking MEGA BOMB and I am super sad that you are not in training and needing ot attend births, I'd have you doula mine in a heartbeat. Well wait, what are you doing next month...?!

    I just finished prenatal courses with a doula in training and she is too prego to attend the birth too!

    This is awesome, I think you will be great, and doulas are so wonderful. I wish we had you here, seriously. Good on you. Do you read Penny Simkins' stuff? She was in ton and we got to see her, I wish I thought to have her autograph The Birth Partner! Also, no one here does placental encapsulation if you are looking for a niche..:-)

    YAy you!

  3. That's great news!!! Julie and I got super excited when we read that!