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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Strange week and thoughts

It was a strange week. I don't know why it is but weeks when J has Mondays off always seem super long.

And that's what this last week was: J was off Monday. We had a nice weekend and enjoyed the fact that he was off for that extra day. The kids slept horribly Friday, Saturday, Sunday but pretty well Monday night. It's like they knew I was on my own with them the next day.

Poor Baby K is still rocking a cold and Little J's milder version was kicking around. Lots of kleenex being used and playgroups being missed. We basically stayed home for two weeks. No wonder I'm getting cabin fever.

I did get out of the house one night to go see my friend T whose father passed away. I'm so glad I was able to get out and see her and be there for her. Not much else I could do but show up.

Something strange hit me that night when T mentioned to another friend that I was a mommy blogger. I don't think of myself that way, probably because I've been blogging for 8 years, long before I had kids, but maybe I should. I do have kids, I do write about kid stuff, I am a mommy. I guess I should embrace it. Own it.

But does that mean I can't post about other things? I know all about bloggers finding a niche and those that do tend to do better than those who don't. I've always treated this space as more a journal for myself. Something to look back on and be reminded of what I've done and where I've gone. More so now I use it to remind myself when my kid started crawling or what fun things we did.

I am trying hard to go with the flow and really enjoy where I'm at and maybe this is just another thing I have to embrace. That and the fact that some weeks are going to be long weeks.

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  1. I barely remember saying that - that whole night (well and handful of days) was a bit of a blur. I hope you didn't take offense. If I were talking to other bloggers, I probably would have said that you write about so many things ... but, when talking to people who don't blog, that's sort of the first 'label' that comes to mind. Hrmm.