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Monday, March 26, 2012

Is it a full moon?

Is it a full moon? Is there something I can blame for my kids being completely crazy? I don't know what it is, maybe a combination of them getting over colds, a long weekend with dad home and our routines switched up, the weather going from cold to hot to cold again, but they are crazy and we're exhausted.

J had today off so we had one of our long weekends. And we started it off without any big plans. By last night I was ready to abandon ship, at least for a little while.. you know, get out of the house, away from my life, just for a bit. Thankfully we had J's mom and sister over for dinner and they provided enough distraction for us and for the kids so that I felt a little refreshed when they left.

It's definitely sad though when I look forward to Monday mornings (or Tuesday mornings on our long weekends) when we can get back to our regular routine. I am sure my kids need to know what's coming and when. And I'm sure I won't mind when we're finally all healthy again. This has definitely been a long cold season.

Anyone else with crazy kids or a cold that just won't go away? Looking forward to warm weather that sticks around? Wearing shorts and tee shirts and sandals? Me too.

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