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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another long week and the end of an era

Wow! Glad that week is over. I was just saying that weeks where J only works 4 days usually feel longer than when he works all 5 but last week was looooong.

It doesn't help that we're really struggling with daytime sleep around here. Little J has all but given up his naps but I implemented quiet time so I have half an hour to get Baby K to sleep. That works less than half the time.

And sometimes when Baby K has fallen asleep in the car on the way home from a morning activity (this week we went to the library twice... more on that later) she isn't tired when it's time for quiet time. One of those days this week, her and I were in the basement doing our thing (reading, playing with the peek-a-boo octopus toy and Little J's trains) and I was listening to Little J chat to himself over the monitor. It got quiet and I thought maybe he had fallen asleep. I should have known better.

Soon I hear him, but not through the monitor. I hear his little footsteps and his little voice calling for me. I go to the bottom of the stairs and see him there, on his way down.

"Mommy! I all done quiet time. I come see you. Wanna play me?"

I stare at him in disbelief. He got out of his crib. The fact that he also got his door open and got down two flights of stairs doesn't surprise me. That he got out of his crib quietly did.

He plays in his sister's crib during the day when we're upstairs. There's a little table beside her crib that he uses to get in and out. This probably gave him the confidence to try getting out of his crib, especially when confined for quiet time he so desperately hates.

The next morning when Little J woke up he said he wanted to get out of his crib himself. I sat on the floor to watch. Well, I watched him face plant out of his crib. Guess his ninja crib escaping skills are still a work in progress.

Guess we need to get rid of the crib.

That day during quiet time, which I didn't even attempt, I took apart his crib and converted it to the "day bed". Basically, the front bars of the crib are gone but the rest is still a crib. It was quite easy to do, even with my little helpers. Little J and Baby K had a great time getting in and out of his big boy bed and jumping and playing.

IMG_6852 (Medium)

I was dreading bed time that night, but other than one time right after we put him to bed when he busted out and came into his sister's room where I was feeding her, he stayed in his bed. And actually slept better than he has been recently.

It's not all bad though, this morning J and I were lying in bed and we hear Little J's door open. He comes in, hugging his bear and his blanket. "Nice to see you, Dad. Nice to see you, Mom. What you doing? Wanna watch teebee." It was later than he normally wakes up and the first time he's done it so it was pretty cute.

He's definitely not a baby anymore. Goodbye crib and hello big boy bed.

Now we just have to convince him to stay in his room for quiet time and convince Baby K that she can fall asleep by herself and we'll be all set. I would love some time to myself midday. That would make me feel better and make my weeks not feel so long.

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