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Monday, March 12, 2012


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Little J is a full on little boy now. There is no baby left. He is a fun little guy, always wanting to play and run and learn. He rarely naps but sleeps well at night. He loves his sister and his friends, playing trains and blocks, reading and watching tv, playing with our phones and helping his dad. He has light brown hair with a super light blonde patch, dark gray eyes, and is long and lean.

He still loves Dora and Thomas but will also watch a lot of different shows (Mickey Mouse, Roary, Super Why, Care Bears, Cars, Tangled, Diego). He loves to colour with crayons or markers and goes nuts over pens, he loves to play around with our ipods or the phone, he loves to talk to people on the phone and to my brother on Skype, he loves his trains and blocks and puzzles and stickers. He loves running and being tickled and doing summersaults and throwing snowballs.

The newest thing Little J has done is to climb out of his crib. I'm surprised it took him so long, but there you have it. Two and a half and out of his crib.

He now has all his teeth, the last two molars broke through sometime this fall. He has gotten so much better at brushing his teeth and it's no longer the battle it once was. His interest in the potty was short lived and comes and goes these days.

He knows a lot of books and will read them to himself. He knows all of his letters and numbers up to 9. He's learning songs like the itsy-bitsy spider and the alphabet.

I would say that Little J is pretty good with words. He has full conversations now and will make small talk, ask you how you're doing. If you ask him how he is, his reply is almost always "I'm A5!". We have no idea where that came from. It's interesting seeing his speech develop, words he couldn't say before he can say now, but there are still some that he says wrong (like binsint for basement) and he switches the v and b sounds. He can now pronounce Ls which comes in handy when talking to his sister.

I've started teaching him some signs and we're doing one letter a week where we focus on things and words that start with that letter as well as learning the signs. It's so satisfying teaching someone so willing to learn. His signing isn't perfect and he gets frustrated when his little fingers can't move quite right but he knows about 30 signs after only a few weeks.

The big change with Little J's eating is that, on Baby K's birthday, we stopped giving him bottles. We told him he could have milk in a cup or a sippy cup but not a bottle. Guess what he did? Stopped drinking milk. He's eating more to make up for the missed calories, but getting him to eat a variety of foods is a challenge.

Little J is great with his sister but also awful to her. He reassures her and hugs her and kisses her but he also pushes her and won't play with her all the time. He's learning that she can't do everything he can do and that he can teach her things. My favourite is probably in the car on the way home when Baby K will be fussing and we'll hear his little voice telling her that "it's okay we almost home".

Little J is just over 30 pounds and is still wearing most of the same clothes as he was when he turned 2, some 2T but mostly 3T and a size 8 shoe. He is still wearing a size 4 diaper during the day and a size 5 at night.

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