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Friday, March 30, 2012

13 months

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This was an interesting month for Baby K. She's been fighting off whatever sickness we've all been toying with and so she's had random fevers and seemed out of sorts here and there. But that hasn't stopped her from joking around, literally, she hits herself and says OW and giggles at herself. She loves doing summersaults, playing with trains and loved the water when we took her swimming. She did not love getting her 12-month shots or her two top teeth and will now bite pretty hard.

Baby K has started turning in circles quickly and walking backwards more. She's watching closely when I sign with Little J and especially loves trying to do the actions to the ItsyBitsy Spider song. Physically she has started being able to climb up on the couches so we taught her how to get down off them and our bed and how to go down the stairs. Lots of "feet first on your belly" being said around here.

Baby K is starting to like getting bigger pieces of food so things that we've been cutting up for her like pepperoni sticks and fruit are getting bigger and bigger. She still loves her food.

I don't know if I would count it as her first word, but Baby K will hit her head with her hand and say OW! She's getting closer and closer to talking I just know it.

Not much has changed except Baby K can now get out of the bouncer so sometimes when you go get her from a nap she's right at the door. That was surprising the first few times. I hate that we still need to use the bouncer to get her to sleep but we do. Still working on getting her down to one nap a day and when she's been up long enough getting her to sleep is a little easier and we won't need the bouncer as much. At least that's the plan. But for now, she's sleeping from 8pm - 7am and napping once or twice a day.

No change: 12-18 month clothing, size 5 shoe, same snap settings on her diapers.

I feel like we've all been sick or getting sick or recovering from being sick for a long time. I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures and hopefully an end to the grossness.

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