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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Two years ago I tried snowboarding for the first time. We were all set with perfect weather and J's parents watching Little J when he was just Baby J. I wanted a lesson because if J and I know anything, it's that trying to teach your partner a skill is a recipe for disaster, but no lessons were available. We decided to risk our relationship and have J show me the ways of the board. We survived, but I didn't get out again that season and didn't get out last year (I was hugely pregnant and then had a newborn).

When I recently lamented to J that he got to do all sorts of fun things while I stayed home, he took it upon himself to make my dreams come true. He took a day off work and enlisted his parents to watch the kids for us. We had some free passes for Vorlage so we went for it.

At the Ski Show, where we scored the free passes, I bought a helmet on the cheap. I still needed boots and a board, but a weekday morning is the perfect time to go: there was no one there and the gear wasn't super sweaty.

The weather was perfect - bright blue skies, temperatures just below zero and no wind. My body was less than perfect in its out-of-shape state, but I was still able to get myself down the hill and even managed to chain some turns together so I felt like I was actually snowboarding instead of just falling.

IMG_4935 (Medium)

IMG_4934 (Medium)

I really want to just be able to snowboard. I know it doesn't work that way, but I want that feeling of zipping down the hill not worrying about the trees and drop off on either side. I want my body to be able to do what I know needs to happen for that effortless fluid motion.

After going snowboarding twice ever I'm a long way off, but I had fun. A few days later my body is still stiff and covered in bruises, but I'm looking forward to the next chance I get, even if it's in another two years.

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