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Friday, February 3, 2012

Pictures - How I do it

Every month I get all the pictures of the kids together and send out an email to my friends and family. I've gotten a lot of questions about how I do it so I thought I'd put together a little post about it.

First of all, we use a few different cameras. We have our fancy DSLR and our point and shoot (both Canons if you were wondering), our smart phone, and our iTouchs. Near the end of the month, I'll upload the pictures from all the cameras and try to keep track of which ones I use for the rest of that month's days. Normally I'll use only the iTouch or one of the cameras in the last couple days so I have less to upload right at the end of the month.

We use Picasa to sort our pictures on the computer. The pictures get put into daily folders which are further organized by year. I separate out the movies into their own folder, again by date and year. Picasa is decent and you can scroll through all the pictures but also make albums, which is what I do next.

I make an album for every month and sometimes other albums too, like things we've borrowed from or lent to other people or big parties/trips. When I'm done with the monthly album, I go through the pictures and add captions. I like doing this because I like going back and having a few words reminds me of what was going on. Mostly it's to remind me how old my kids are (i.e. "Baby K, 5 months").

I then sync my album with online Picasa which is now part of Google+. Then I email the album to a list I have saved in my contacts of family and friends and share it on Google+ with those circles, family and friends.

I like how it's working and going month-to-month helps me stay on top of our pictures and share them. I would use something like Facebook but J has privacy concerns, enough so that he deleted his account completely and I share only the bare minimum.

And that's how I do it. How do you organize your pictures? Do you still print them? I'm hoping to do annual family yearbooks instead of printing and putting in albums and maybe eventually a mash up of all the video we take every year.

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  1. Organize? ... Photos? ... Organize photos?
    Yeah, that doesn't get done. Perhaps if I had the incentive, i.e., documenting my children's growth, it would be a different story.