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Thursday, February 9, 2012

List check-in

Since we're well into February I thought I'd check in on my list of things to do (in January). Hello! Guess I'll just re-name the list to... what's more realistic? "Things I'd Like To Do Eventually". Perfect.

Where were we?

1. Get a hair cut. Progress: I have an appointment booked for next week. Now to decide what to get done.

2. Night out with the girls. Hmm, nothing yet.

3. Family yearbook for last year. Arg, nothing here either.

4. Date night with J. Maybe next week? Gotta check with the family and find out if they have a night to watch the kids.

5. Go to a yoga class. I am ROCKING this! I've gone to yoga the past 4 Fridays.

6. Sell some diapers. Progress: I've sold most of them and am looking into shipping the rest to a friend up north.

7. Sell or consign baby stuff we don't need anymore. I need to get on this.

8. Buy some clothes. I went out last weekend by myself and bought all sorts of things... jeans, tank tops, tee shirts, a new bra. It was awesome.

9. Pick up the book that is on hold for me at the library. It had been so long that I'm back to the bottom of the waiting list. Sorry, library, check for me though!

10. Stop biting my nails. It's been a few false starts and lots of nail polish but I think I'm on board now. Let's call that progress and move on.

Crossing things off a list on the computer isn't as satisfying as crossing them off with a pen on paper, but it feels good all the same. I'm happy to have made some progress on my list.

I've also made some changes to things around the house, things that make life easier that I've maintained for a few weeks now. Friday night yoga wouldn't happen if dinner wasn't ready for J and the kids so we've been meal-planning and have actually stuck with it for 5 weeks. It's incredible and J is sure it's saving us money on groceries. I've even been able to attempt some new recipes because we seem to have more time for cooking.

Not that I enjoy cooking. Will that change?

Anyone else have some goals they're working towards? A life list? Do tell.

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