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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House, in progress

I stumbled on a new blog called Young House Love. I don't read any other home decorating/renovating/design blogs, but I really like the writing and the content of this blog. They post so often so I'm reading a lot about home renovations.

It's hard to not be inspired when they make it look so easy. Well, not easy, but doable I suppose. They are two regular people who bought an old house and blog about all the things they did and are doing to fix it up. The before and after pictures are amazing.

Thing is, we bought a new house. We don't have a million things to do, which is nice and definitely the way we wanted to start out. Over the years we have done a bunch of things - put up a fence and got eavestroughing, J built a deck and shed in the back, and we've painted a lot of rooms. Something I've really been wanting to do though is to fix up our room.

New houses come painted and ours was head to toe light brown. A colour I'm starting to really hate. Leading up to my birthday J told me to pick a colour for our room and he'd paint after the kids went to bed at night. Being given carte blanche like that was intimidating, but I kept reminding myself that anything would be better than the off-white and if it was a disaster we could always repaint. I chose blue. Of course.

Not just blue though, two blues. A dark one for the wall with our bed and a lighter shade for the other 3 walls. The dark blue wall got painted first and we loved it! It's bold. Then I started worrying about the other blue not looking good.

Thankfully it works so well. It's so refreshing to have colour on our walls. J took it one step further and, after a few trips to IKEA, got us a new bed, bedside tables and dressers. Goodbye hand-me-down furniture (that we were so grateful for), hello new bedroom! Doesn't it look amazing?

IMG_6680 (Medium)

The painting is one that caught my eye and goes perfectly with the bright blue and new black furniture. It's from Costco. The furniture and the new bedding is from IKEA. Love it!

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  1. It looks amazing! I totally stole quite a bit from that blog for our wedding, too. Way to get things done, that's what it's all about. Your room looks wonderful.