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Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby K!

My little girl is a year old today. Early that morning she was born in our room with just me and J there. It was incredible and scary and amazing and changed my life.

You can read about Baby K's birth story here. I just read what I wrote and cried a little. So intense. Such an incredible start to her life.

Baby K is such a happy little girl even if she had the most serious frowny face ever. She loves to eat and dance and play. She bops along to music and claps when I sing a song. She chases Sandy around and loves taking toys from her brother. She squeals when Little J runs towards her and wiggles with happiness when her dad gets home from work.

IMG_4980 (Medium)

I love my little girl and am so happy she's mine. Happy birthday, Baby K.

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