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Monday, February 13, 2012

Family fun at the Aviation Museum

This weekend we decided to take the kids to the Aviation Museum. Back in the summer, I got our family a membership that includes the Agriculture, Science and Tech and Aviation museums. Aviation was the only one we haven't been to yet.

It's really nice having activities like this to do from time to time when it's freezing out. Having the kids run around and see new things is a bonus.

We decided to bring the stroller for Baby K because she's still going between one and two naps a day and tends to get tired in the late morning. Just like the Agriculture and Science and Tech museums, this one was completely kid- and stroller-friendly.

At the door, we were given a sheet of paper and sent on a mission to find the planes with the different emblems. This was Little J's task but he's still too young to get it so it turned into J's task. One he took very seriously.

The planes are grouped by era and type.. at least that's what I gathered as I was running around after Little J. I liked the helicopters best and could imagine myself flying on of the real small ones.

We finally got a chance to sit in the cockpit of a wee little plane. Well, J and the kids did. They all had fun taking the controls and pushing the buttons.

IMG_4976 (Medium)

Little J loves to exclaim "look how big it is!" and that's exactly what he said over and over when looking at this rocket.

IMG_4948 (Medium)

But I think his favourite part of the trip was collecting his special surprise at the end. He got some stickers and a pin for completing the emblem page, but then the piece of paper transformed into an airplane that he had fun flying around the lobby while J went to get the car.

The woman working at the desk was so great with Little J and seemed to go above and beyond just letting us in the museum. It was a nice little outing and I'd encourage anyone to check out the Avaiation museum if you're in Ottawa.

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