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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday girl

Late Thursday night I hung up our birthday banner and put some purple streamers on Baby K's chair. J and I blew up some balloons. I thought about my little girl and our last year together.

Friday was a normal day: J went to work, I was home with the kids. Over breakfast I explained to Little J that it was Baby K's birthday. He saw the banner and we practiced singing the birthday song.

Little J didn't want to go to playgroup so we stayed home. That gave me a chance to get caught up on laundry and gave Baby K a chance to get in a solid morning nap. We had lunch and then quiet time (Little J) and naps for both kids. I cut up fruit and did more laundry.

When J got home I made cupcakes and cut up veggies and made dinner. We had dinner and sang to Baby K while Little J cried (he hates the birthday song) and ate cupcakes. The kids laughed at each other while high on sugar. We got cleaned up and went upstairs for presents. Baby K loves her new chair and they both love her new book.

Both kids to bed and a smile on my face. My little girl is one.

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Today was the party day. J got up with the kids so I could shower and get everything ready. In my mind I imagine throwing elaborate parties with a theme and matching decorations, a beautifully decorated cake and picture-perfect moments. In reality, I put up some streamers, forget the balloons in the basement and throw together whatever party supplies I have. I invite our close friends, offer veggies and dip, fruit and cheese and crackers, make kraft dinner for the kids and forget to cook the lasagna for the adults. We smile and laugh and the kids have a blast. We take pictures and forget about elaborate ideas that don't matter anyway.

What matters is that Baby K had a great time. She was surrounded by people who love her. She got to eat a cupcake and toddle around playing with her friends. She got to leave half way through to take a nap because we knew that would make her happiest. It was her party and she'll nap if she wants to.

Lunch and midday hangouts with me and Little J so J could nap and then dinner with J's family came next. Both kids enjoyed the chocolate birthday cake and even after being thoroughly cleaned, Baby K still smells sweetly delicious. It was a great birthday day for my sweet baby girl. It is so clear that she is loved and was so spoiled. Happy birthday Baby K!

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