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Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowy snow

It's been snowing like crazy and I've come to learn that you can actually appreciate how pretty it is when you don't have to drive in it. Knowing that my drive to and from work isn't doubled is such a nice feeling.

This was a long week. At one point, after not being able to reach J at work, I actually packed the kids in the car, to go get him. It was really hard. The snow made the roads so bad and Little J was screaming non-stop so I turned the car around and came home. But it was that bad, that I thought I couldn't do it by myself.

But things got better and today was pretty good. I finally (finally!) went to yoga and sweated more than I have in the past 3 years and have all sorts of sore muscles. I'm hoping to make it a weekly thing.

I capped off my night with a bowl of frozen yogurt and some tv (the end of a movie that J and I started last night (50/50) and some of my shows after he went out).

And, to keep everyone updated on my birthday goals, striking yoga off the list:

1. Get a hair cut.

2. Night out with the girls.
3. Family yearbook for last year.
4. Date night with J.
5. Go to a yoga class.
6. Sell some diapers.
7. Sell or consign baby stuff we don't need anymore.
8. Buy some clothes.
9. Pick up the book that is on hold for me at the library.
10. Stop biting my nails.

Glad it's Saturday tomorrow!

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