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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend. The winter festival in the town near us was happening so Saturday we checked out the firetrucks in the morning and the reptiles in the afternoon.

Little J was excited for the firetrucks but got so shy around the firemen. He loved sitting in the trucks and wanted to push all the buttons. It was nice running into his friend Little C too.

IMG_4864 (Medium)

He surprised us by agreeing to a sleigh ride which he really enjoyed and didn't surprise us by not wanting to go to story time.

Baby K was a trooper the whole morning but passed out in the car on the way home. That gave us time to play outside with Little J in the beautiful winter weather: bright blue skies, near 0 temperatures and no wind. Little J did not want to come in.

IMG_4881 (Medium)

After a quick lunch we went back for the reptile show. Little J sat for the first little bit and even yelled out "baby alligator" when he saw a lizard, but spent most of the hour running around. It was totally fine - he wasn't the only one and he wasn't disruptive. There were all sorts of snakes and lizards in the show, but the biggest was a 3-meter long Burmese python.

At the end of the show, this enormous snake was put on the ground and everyone was invited to touch it. Little J went right up and put his hands all over it. I couldn't believe it.

IMG_1350 (Medium)

The two events we went to were free and great for our little man. It's nice living so close to a little town that puts on things like this.

With all the running around Little J did he napped hard Saturday afternoon. While him and Baby K were asleep, J and I signed the paperwork for our mortgage renewal and it hit me hard that I'm no longer working when the guy put "domestic engineer" as my job title. It's cutesy and unnecessary and it won't be the last time in the next five years that I put "unemployed" as my occupation, but I'm sure not used to it yet.

After a pretty full Saturday we had nothing planned for today but it worked out well. The boys went out and got some things while us girls had some naps (well really I facilitated Baby K's nap), we played outside, we had a mobile afternoon nap (both babies slept in the car while we drove around) and finally dinner with J's family.

It was a good mix of busy and staying home, being outside and in, seeing friends and family. Plus I got to sleep in this morning. Can't argue with that.


  1. I love the picture of Little J with the blue sky! :) Sounds like you were pretty busy.

    1. Thanks C! I'm quite proud of that picture.

  2. Sounds like an awesome day,a nd great weather too. Always a plus. I think it's weird that our culture doesn't have a real name for the job you do, it's either domestic engineer, which seems to have more than a touch of tongue-in-cheek, or unemployed, which really doesn't cover it, does it? I wonder if that will change.

    Thanks for the pictures :-)