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Thursday, January 26, 2012

31st Birthday

I have to say that this was probably my least-anticipated, least thought about birthday ever. My life just kind of goes the same way every day. I did have a good birthday though, don't get me wrong.

I was looking forward to the weekend because I knew it was full of birthday goodness. My parents came over Saturday morning bringing with them a very fragrant plant and then we had friends over for dinner and cake that night.

It was a laid back evening but so nice seeing the boys play so well together. It melts my heart seeing Baby K getting in on the action and holding her own with two busy toddlers.

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Sunday we had dinner with J's family and I blew out candles on a cake for the first time in years.

My actual birthday wasn't until Tuesday, but with bad planning and crappy weather, we didn't have much food in the house so I cashed in my birthday dinner Monday night. J went and picked up pho and we ate left over cake. Actually we've been eating cake nightly for a while.

Tuesday was full of birthday phone calls, emails and facebook messages. We had a pretty regular day otherwise but I could feel the love.

I'm very lucky and was given lots of thoughtful and useful presents. I'm all about getting things I need and can use and my friends and family did not disappoint.

Now please excuse me while I go change into my new SuperMom t-shirt and get dinner started. You know, life and stuff.

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