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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

11 months

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Baby K had her first Christmas and loved it. She was pretty sick from roseola (a virus) but did well being shuffled between get togethers, dinners and parties. She actually slept so well that week. This month she had her first clumsy fall where she bled. She fell face first onto a hard toy and cut her lip. She has started biting while nursing (teething? just being mean?) and throwing full on lying face down kicking tantrums. Near the end of her 11th month we thought she got Fifth's disease (a virus also known as slap-cheek disease) but the doctor thinks it was eczema. She got the flu shot booster.

Baby K can move pretty quickly on her feet. She waves, claps, squints, growls, throws her hands up all on command. She gives kisses and dances, knocks on doors and throws fits when you take something from her. She climbs everything and can get out of the bath tub, something Little J has only once attempted. She's gotten better at peekaboo and loves reading books with flaps to flip. She is babbling more and just recently started with the MM sound and says MAMAMAMAMA all the time.

Baby K is completely done with purees and only eats baby cereal a few times a week (we still try because of the iron in it). She is eating whatever we eat and loving it. She is nursing way less so we started giving her some milk after she got her paws on a mostly finished bottle of Little J's. The end of breastfeeding is coming with all the biting she's been doing. We don't go one feed without her biting me and I am really starting to dislike feeding her. But I'm not going down without a fight. I'm going to a La Leche League meeting next month to hopefully get some ideas on how to deal with the biting and possibly how to go about weaning her.

Pretty much the same - up around 7am and bed around 8pm - except she's not always napping twice a day anymore. I don't think she's ready for one nap a day though. A tough in-between time for sure. We'll be working on getting her to fall asleep on her own in the coming months. Can't be nursed to sleep if you aren't breastfeeding anymore.

Nothing new to report. Baby K will have her one year (!!) appointment next month so we'll find out how big she is then.

I finally got myself to a yoga class. It was a hot flow class meaning it was hot and it was hard. I was really babied with prenatal yoga. Non-pregnant yoga is hard. I have muscles in my stomach. Good to know.

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