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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


We had a pretty great weekend. Friday night we decided to try going out for dinner. It went pretty well and it was nice not having to cook and clean up.

Saturday morning we took the kids to the community center for a pancake breakfast and to meet Santa. I was the only one who actually ate pancakes, but meeting Santa was a success. And by that I mean that no one cried. Not even J.

We missed the Santa Claus parade in the town near us but it's okay. That's something we can do next year.

Poor Little J had a hair cut after dinner that night, crying and screaming the whole time. It's too bad a kid who hates having his hair cut so much has hair that grows so fast.

Sunday we had SJ over and got to meet her friend J (too many J's in my life). Little J was so excited to see his aunt.

You know, when I write it out it doesn't sound like we did much but those things and some little organizational things around the house (cleaning out our closet, some organizing in the basement and our room) make a difference. Throwing things out always feels good.

Up next, some goals for the month. Anyone else working on a bucket list for December?

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