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Thursday, December 8, 2011

December To-Do List

I know December is marching right along - it's the 8th already and my little boy is 27 months old! I would have liked to have posted this last week but it didn't happen. It's happening now.

There are some things that I'd like to do this month, most are Christmassy things, but some aren't. So, a list:

- Decorate for Christmas. This means pulling out the big bin of decorations and getting them up. I also have Christmas books stashed away to start getting the kids, but mostly Little J, in the spirit.

- Picture with Santa. We went to a local mall last night. The same one we took Little J the past two years. Can you believe this is his third Christmas? Here are pictures from last year (we had to have Santa jump out from behind the chair) and the year before (Little J's first time not dressed in a sleeper).

DSC_0005 (Medium)

DSC_0002 (Medium)

- Christmas cards. We've taken the pictures and I picked the one I liked. I added some text in Picnik instead of getting a pre-made greeting card and just have to pick them up. Now I have to figure out my list and get them sent out. I also want to include the thank you cards from when Baby K was born... better late than never!

- Finalize leave from work. More on this coming soon.

- I'm hosting my 7th annual cookie party. This year will be a bit different because it's during the day with kids invited.

- I'd love to get my hair cut and figure out what to do with my significantly thinner post-baby locks.

- I'm trying to decide if I should go to my work's Christmas party to see my work friends. The other option is to go in Christmas Eve (the day before actually since Christmas Eve is a Saturday) with or without the kids. Decisions decisions.

- Christmas shopping. I've done a lot of my shopping already online but there's no avoiding the stores completely. I'm thankful that we aren't exchanging gifts with my family this year, but we still have J's family and friends to figure out.

I think that's it. Well, the big things at least.

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