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Monday, December 12, 2011

Cookie weekend

It's hard to decide what was the best part of the weekend - all the cookies or the fact that I got to sleep in both days. (The sleep.)

J got up with Little J and Baby K and I slept in. Heaven.

Saturday morning J put up our Christmas tree with the two little ones toddling around, aka helping. Little J: More lights, Dad! I spent some time baking cookies before my cookie party.

It was different from the others in that it was in the afternoon and Little J's friends came too. Both he and Baby K hadn't slept well but they had a good time. And I've been eating cookies ever since.

Our friends stayed for dinner after. Our little group of 6 has grown by 4 kids in the past few years and it turns out we don't have enough chairs. Thankfully asking friends to provide their own seating is okay. And now our house wishlist has grown by two chairs.

Little J was in such an affectionate mood, which is very unlike him. He was constantly hugging miss J and sometimes Little R too.

Unfortunately Sunday night was a bit strange and Little J threw up all over himself so we spent a lot of Sunday morning cleaning up after that (laundry and baths and more baths and crib scrub downs) so I didn't get a chance to bake more cookies for the other cookie party I was invited to. I'm sad to have missed it, but I ended up having to feed Baby K and stay with her so she'd sleep.

We rounded out the weekend with dinner with J's family. We hadn't seen his mom in a while so Little J was a tad excited.

I feel content with my weekend. Seeing family and friends and catching up on sleep. And now that I'm catching up on housey things after being sick and dealing with sick kids last week I'm happy.

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