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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Pre Christmas

We did so much this Christmas season that I need to break this up into two posts. Here is our pre-Christmas story.

December 23rd
Friday wasn't Christmas Eve but felt like it since it was the last day of work before the holiday. That meant I was to bring the kids to J's work. Baby K had other plans and fell asleep on the way there so Little J went with J and I took Baby K in to my work after she woke up.

Little J had a great time with J and I wish I could say that Baby K and I had a great time with me, but she was so sick and clingy and tired. She just stayed in my lap or on my hip the whole time.

After lunch and a good nap for Baby K we were all set for our friend's family's annual party. Little J had a great time chasing the poor cats and hugging a little girl that was there. It was nice to catch up with our friends and be out and about.

And all my mini-stressing about all the things we had to do was tested when I realized we had forgotten food for Baby K at home. No big deal: a quick stop at a grocery store and we were all set. Crisis averted.

December 24
Saturday was Christmas Eve. We spent the late morning/early afternoon with S&L and Little R. Him and Little J played well together and we exchanged gifts and had lunch. A nice, relaxing visit.

_MG_6064.CR2 (Medium)

Our plan was for the kids to nap in the car between commitments and so when Little J hadn't fallen asleep by the time we got to J's grandparent's house we drove around some more. J got to test out the car's handling in snow in a deserted parking lot.

We had an early dinner with J's family. Like the tradition we started last year, we had new pjs for the kids to open. This is something I'm so glad we're doing. Our kids are guaranteed a new pair of pajamas once a year and a present to open Christmas Eve.

The car naps and way-too-early dinner really messed with the little ones so we headed home earlier than we normally would, but gave us a chance to put the finishing touches on Christmas and have second dinner.

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