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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011 - Christmas Day and beyond

Wow! That was a busy Christmas. Christmas flew by in a swirl of wrapping paper and toys. We saw friends and family and ate lots of food and did lots of driving. It was quite the whirlwind and now that we're in recovery mode and have had a chance to reflect on the past few days, I have to say that it was one of the best Christmases yet. There is something so great about having a kid who gets it.

December 25
Christmas Day started nice and early - J was actually the first one up! - with the kids opening their stockings.

_MG_6133.CR2 (Medium)
We decided to have breakfast before J's parents and sister came over because once they arrived it was full-on present opening time! Little J was super excited this year and loved opening presents and kept exclaiming OH WOW! over and over. He insisted we open all the toys right away and loved the chaos that was our living room. We were all spoiled.

We packed up the car and left for my parent's house hoping that Baby K would nap in the car. She did. Christmas with my family was a little different this year because we decided to not get gifts for the adults and instead focus on spending time together. My family completely spoiled the kids.

After lunch we packed up the car again and headed to J's grandparent's house for dinner. The kids slept in the car according to plan. We got there in time to open presents and again we were all spoiled.

_MG_6215.CR2 (Medium)

The excitement and busy-ness of the day was starting to get to everyone and dinner was a bit of a mess so we didn't stay late. It was nice to get home and just sit even though we were exhausted and the house was a disaster. We spent some time unpacking and organizing.

December 26
Boxing Day started off a little less crazy - we had breakfast and stuck around home waiting for my family to come over. Baby K was still getting over her virus and ended up sleeping through their visit, but Little J had a great time showing my brother his new train table.

IMG_4819 (Medium)

As past years, we went and had dinner with J's family. I think having a less stressful morning helped and we were all more relaxed.

To top off Christmas, we had a party with my family. It was a casual dinner at my parent's house.

And that was our Christmas. Whew!

I'm quite happy with how things went and glad for the traditions that we have in place. We stuck to the same gift-giving concept we started last year.
I'm hoping to keep this up and that it helps keep the focus on spending time with family rather than getting stuff. The kids each got new pajamas Christmas Eve, a present from Santa and 3 presents from us:

something you want (from Santa) -
big train table (j) and ball popper (k)
something you need - potty and winter boots (j) and pink car (k)
something to wear - pants, a shirt/long sleeved onesies and socks (j&k)
something to read - a book about winter animals (j) and a book about first words (k)

I'm also quite proud that we sent out Christmas cards this year. Next year will be even better because Baby K will be old enough to get it too.

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