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Monday, December 19, 2011

10 months

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Poor Baby K spent a lot of the month sick. But she was a trooper and came out to a pancake breakfast with Santa that our community association put on, she met Santa at the mall with her brother, helped decorate for Christmas and helped host a cookie exchange. Her and Little J went to the park and played outside, they played blocks and jumped on couch cushions.

Baby K is super cute. She started making an ooh face where she scrunches up her eyes and makes an O with her lips. She'll often scrunch her eyes when she smiles and she smiles all the time. She also growls and clicks and will fake cough if you do. She has started playing peekaboo. If you ask where she is, she slowly brings her hand to her face and slowly moves it away. Smiling the whole time.

The girl loves to point and loves to read. She'll grab a book, bring it over and sit down on your lap so you'll read to her. She loves turning the pages.

She just started giving kisses. She leans her forehead slowly towards you or herself in the mirror.

Her 2nd tooth came in, the bottom right one.

Impossible to top last month. The only developmental thing this month is an increase in babbling. She is more stable on her feet and can get around pretty quickly.

Baby K made a bit of progress this month with eating. She is quite interested in solid food and is gagging much less. She is still breastfeeding about 6 times a day.

Some nights are great, some aren't. Some days are great, some aren't. She nurses to sleep (remind me never to get in this habit again) but will also fall asleep in the bouncer (J's signature move), the snugli and the car. Some days she has trouble napping and will have one nap instead of two. I know we're headed that way but she's not ready. If all goes well she wakes up around 7am, naps once in the morning and once in the afternoon and goes to bed around 8pm.

At her appointment, Baby K weighed 17 pounds 3 ounces and was 28.5 inches long. I'm pretty sure she's 18 pounds now. Some of her diapers have to be one snap looser and I'm always finding clothes that she's outgrown. Thankfully Christmas is coming up... fingers crossed baby girl gets some bigger clothes.

This month was all about keeping my head above water. Being sick and trying to take care of sick kids is horrible and none of us was that bad. You could definitely see the slow movement towards chaos in the house though and I'm glad to be back to my regular self. With the holidays coming up and likely snow at some point, I'm guessing our routines might change a bit over the next month.

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