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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wet and rainy

This week is off to a bad start weather-wise: it's wet and rainy. Guess what makes toddlers crazy... staying inside all day.

Oh man today and yesterday were definitely tough so here's hoping this passes and we can go outside tomorrow.

This morning I called my parents and asked if they wouldn't mind having us over. I wanted to get out of the house, but the long-ish drive there and back and the weird nap and meal times as a result made it so not worth it. Next time I'm going to ask them to come over here.

I'm also feeling more house-bound than usual because of the staggered nap times. We all get up and have breakfast and not long after that Baby K is ready for her nap. She wakes up and it's lunch time and play time and then I'm trying to convince Little J to nap. He sleeps maybe half the days. Baby K naps again later in the afternoon and then J's home and it's our play-dinner-bath-bed routine.

A post about the weather turned into a rundown of my routine. Interesting.

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