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Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'm quite happy to report that our babies did well last night. Like the week before, Little J was an angel and Baby K woke up before midnight. We were able to get home and I nursed her to sleep.

That's the summary. Here are the details.

T&P's wedding was really nice. So many things that I'd never seen before. It was the first wedding I'd been to that started in the evening. We were able to have dinner at home before heading out. They also did this thing during the ceremony where T's side were given a glass of red wine, P's side got white. Their fathers combined the two wines and the bride and groom drank the mixture. All very symbolic and all very perfect for the couple.

The reception was pretty much a big party with no sit down dinner but chef stations instead. There were introductions and speeches and drinking and dancing and eating and fun times at the photo booth. You could see all the little things that T worked really hard on that made her wedding special.

Same as last week, J's family kept us updated with emails during the night. This time we were sent a video of Baby K walking. She decided to walk across the living room. That's right, my baby girl is a walker! We watched the video more times than I want to admit and showed our friends. So proud of my little girl.

When we got the email a little before midnight saying Baby K was awake, we knew we should head out. We said our goodbyes and left. Got to the car but it wouldn't start. I'm so glad I wasn't by myself. We managed to get it started using a roll start and J spent a lot of today figuring out what was wrong (something about the clutch and a sensor) and how to fix it (he hasn't been able to yet). A little extra excitement for the night.

Today has been a weird day. J is still recovering from the cold he had and neither of us slept enough last night. Baby K is working on cutting her first teeth and Little J is always a handful. We'll probably spend the next few days catching up on sleep and getting back to normal. I have to figure out some things to do this week to keep us busy.

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