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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Well then

J's parents? They did an amazing job last night. We really appreciated the photographic updates showing happy babies, babies going to bed and finally sleeping babies.

The Museum of Nature was a neat venue for a wedding with a big, somewhat industrial looking hall where the ceremony and later the dinner and reception were held. We were at a table with three other couples, all with kids at home, but my team filled almost three tables. We had a nice time chatting and eating and then drinking and dancing. It was a nice night and I'm glad that S&D looked so happy.

I drove a very "festive" J home and collected my baby girl who had been sleeping but was extremely hungry, and settled in on the bed in her room, content that I was able to be myself for a few hours, see my friends and have a great time, and then come home and nurse Baby K to sleep.

She slept well and her and Little J didn't seem much affected by the time change, waking at a pretty regular time. This morning J took the early shift after I fed Baby K so I could nap and then I took my little ones to the park so he could nap. At least I wasn't hung over.

Little J was such a good boy and wore his new winter coat (it's the 3rd one we bought for him in the long battle to find one he'd wear) and even wore his mitts for a while on the swing. Baby K napped for a while in the stroller and stayed happy in the snugli while Little J played in the front and pestered our neighbour.

It was a napping day for sure and both Baby K and Little J had good naps this afternoon. It's rare but so nice when their naps overlap. Our friends A&S and their little j joined us for dinner to round out the weekend activities.

This week is starting off on the right foot with J home for the day tomorrow. I can't wait.

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