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Thursday, November 10, 2011


J and I just got a smart phone. We both have an iTouch which is like the iphone without the phone. So when we go out we already have our itouch and we have to bring the cell and the camera since the one in the itouch and cell aren't very good.

We went with the Samsung Galaxy S. A phone that does internet and has a decent camera. I'm in love!

It's so nice to have a phone that does it all. The first two months we get unlimited use to help us figure out how much we'll use it and what kind of plan to get. It's been so long since we signed up for our cell phone, but I guess this is standard practice now.

Does anyone have a cell phone that's just a phone anymore? I'm guessing no.

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  1. Wrong - My boyfriend is a luddite and still has a cell phone from 2008 ... it's a 'not so smart' phone. :P