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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sad, but for the wrong reasons

I know today is Remembrance Day. I know.

I found out this morning that a childhood friend of mine lost her battle with cancer.

I remember finding out about her cancer and having that rock my world. It made me feel old. Vulnerable. Sad.

This news is hitting me in waves. When I do think about it, I'm sad. I feel so sorry for her family and her friends.

Then I feel sorry that I didn't keep in closer touch with her.

I question a lot of things I do or haven't done, the people I see and the people I've lost touch with. It's hard to know if we make the right choices and hard to see the big picture through the day-to-day muck.

I want my life to have meaning and I need to figure out what to do to make that happen. I think I owe it to myself.

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