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Thursday, November 24, 2011

I did it!

I did it. I survived taking both kids to the doctor. It's actually the second time I've done it on my own but first time where Little J had to get a shot.

It was Baby K's 9-month appointment. Stats update: My little girl is just over 17 pounds and 28.5 inches tall. She wasn't due for any shots but all three of us got the flu shot.

It was a bit of a gong show. We got there on time and didn't have to wait long and the actual appointment went okay until the shots. I got mine first and then we decided to do Little J. He wanted me to read him a book so I put him in my lap and held on tight while the doctor stuck the needle in his arm. Oh the crying and screaming and shaking. I felt like I betrayed him.

I gave him a cookie and he whimpered while I betrayed Baby K next. She cried pretty hard and her leg bled but I nursed her and she was happy.

It's always really hot in there and I should know by now, but I imagine that packing us all up to leave would get me sweaty no matter what. Little J didn't want to leave the school bus he was playing with and he had a full on tantrum in the waiting room. I had to carry him out, down the hall and down the stairs.

I dumped them both (Baby K in her bucket seat) in a shopping cart (the doctor's office is on the second floor of the grocery store) to go the rest of the way to the car but by then they seemed content so I grabbed some groceries.

So overall it wasn't that bad. But definitely not something I look forward to.

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  1. Phew, that is work! A bit of an added bonus to get some groceries, huh. I'm sure the kids were fine and happy to see whe world go by for a minute.

    Good work :-)